Qlik Sense


Sick of boring old static reports? ERP systems or Excel driving you mad with the time it takes to put your reporting together and distribute? Controlling your reporting portfolio can also be a real headache as it evolves and multiplies. Before you know it you don’t know what reports you have, why they are being produced and who understands how they are constructed…never mind if someone ‘changes’ a formula!!!

Welcome to the revolution… Allow Qlik to automatically grab data from all of your systems and present it in one user level secured, web based platform, with the added benefit of dynamically allowing you to drill down, up, left and right, pretty much anywhere within your reportable information. Be it on premise, in the cloud or on your mobile devices, Qlik opens up a new world of disruptive technology that helps you gain an advantage.

QlickXL can help you quickly develop valuable insights, that allow you to drive those actions that make a difference. Click here to see what QlickXL can do for you.

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Qlik NPrinting


Take it to the next level with Qlik NPrinting. Ready to have an army of robots with a printer and a save button at your disposal?

With NPrinting you can use the work invested in QlikSense to automatically generate reports in a variety of formats (PDF, Excel , Powerpoint, HTML and so on…). With user based security you can save files to a location, distribute by email and/or the the web based NPrinting NewsStand, where users can subscribe to or run reports on demand.

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If you want to really supercharge your Qlik visuals, Vizlib is the add-on for the job. With it’s extensive range of additional visuals, data input capabilities (writeback), collaborative tools and enhanced CSS controls you can easily make dashboards look and feel more like info graphics or behave like a truly modern web page .

Check out their website here..