ODBC Setup and Use

What is it?  I guess if you’re on this page you kind of know that it works as sort of a translator for different programs / languages.

It stands for Open Database Connectivity and basically enables things to talk to each other, such as a SQL database talking to Qlik or Excel.

Click the link below for my easy ODBC setup guide in Word format.

Simple ODBC Setup Guide

Once you have it installed you can grab data directly from a database either by creating a connection in Qlik for example…

Qlik ODBC setup link

From Excel, select Data from the top menu, then Get Data.

From the dropdown, select ‘From Microsoft Query’, select the database, the table and edit the query to show the data you want in your spreadsheet.  You can then right click on the data at any time and select ‘Refresh’ to update your data.

This is a simple overview:

Simple ODBC use in Excel

A quick guide to using Microsoft Query:

Additional Microsoft Query Tips

MS Query is just my preferred method -> the video in the link below gives a good overview:

MS Query – YouTube